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Piston & Rod Repair

PPMW can restore your piston and rod assemblies to “ZERO HOUR” condition as well update with advanced design technology to increase operational efficiency.

Know How

With every job, special care is taken to evaluate the “as found” condition so to identify areas where improvements can be made as well as determine other issues that may be present. With this approach we can make the necessary changes to increase your reliability and increasing your MTBR as well as making the necessary changes for a more efficient and safer piece of equipment.

Our standard inspection consist of :

  • Create the inspection packet for the assembly
  • Document as found visual condition and clean
  • Perform TIR inspection
  • Disassemble assembly with “Special Piston Rod” Table
  • Perform dimensional and NDT evaluation
  • Polish and hone packing area if re-coat not required
  • Mfg and Install new riders and rings
  • Re-assemble with proper lubrication and torque to OEM specifications and set screw
  • Perform final TIR and document “AS Left” condition
  • Prep for long term storage or for immediate installation


Our Mission

“No matter how big or small, our customers are equally as important”.

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About Us


Plant Process Machine Works,LLC is a privately held company and was founded in 2012.




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